Thanksgiving: How To Practice Year-End Gratitude


Gratitude is such an easy approach to bring appreciation into your life. It has the ability to transform the commonplace into the magical. Practicing gratitude improves one’s well-being, happiness, vitality, optimism, and empathy.

As the year comes to an end, you should spend some time in gratitude, even as you set goals and plan for 2022. More importantly, you should express gratitude to your family, friends, and co-workers. Similarly, make a note of everything for which you are thankful as a year-end present to yourself.

But what exactly is gratitude, and why is it so important at the year-end?

Many people show their appreciation by saying “thank you” to someone who has helped them one way or the other. However, gratitude is more than simply an action, it’s described as being thankful, appreciative, and inclined to reciprocate kindness. When we take a moment to count our blessings, we focus on what we have rather than what we don’t.

When you’re have an attitude of gratitude, it improves your mood. Despite the fact that gratitude is frequently viewed as a selfless gesture, the world reacts in kind and reciprocates the compassion. It feels nice to be grateful! When you live with gratitude in your heart, it’s like you’re living life intentionally, and this is ‘golden’.

So, why is year-end gratitude important?

After spending 12 months, we tend to easily forget our blessings, much less count them when we are in the midst of a tragedy or lost in the eternal rat race of life. But, gratitude allows us to pause for a moment and enjoy what we have, what we do, and the people we have in our lives, enabling us to feel good about them rather than focusing on the persistent emotion that tells us there are things we need to do more or we’ve haven’t achieved anything.

Gratitude teaches us about the boundless richness that is accessible if we only take a moment to look into our hearts and recognise both the modest and meaningful treasures that encircle us. In fact, your friends, loved ones, family, health, the earth, the stars, wild creatures, or your beloved pets may be among these pearls for you.

How to practice year-end gratitude

Developing a sense of gratitude this year end is really important. This is because it shapes your outlook on the new year. The more you practice this year-end gratitude, the better you will get and the more thankful you will be in the coming year.

Here’s how you should practice your year-end gratitude;

Start by observing

Take into consideration various aspects of your life. Learn to be grateful and appreciative of these things. Review everything that has happened this year and be grateful, including your accomplishments, milestones, and also things that did not go as planned. Consider your family, health, the people around you, and the community. Don’t overlook the little things in life. It’s surprising what you realize when you concentrate on being thankful.

Create a gratitude journal

Making a commitment to write down all the beautiful and wonderful things that happened in your life throughout the year. Remind yourself of the skills, talents, grace, advantages, and positive things you have. Recalling moments of thankfulness related with all the events, personal characteristics, or important persons in your life allows you to weave a lasting theme of gratitude into your life.

Embrace the Gratitude feeling

Embracing gratitude is the act of expressing thankfulness for the kindness and gifts in our life. As the year comes to an end, you instinctively feel grateful for everything in your life. You think about “how wonderful this year has been” or “I’m still grateful for everything”. Giving thanks helps you focus on the positive things rather than the negative. You will be able to look forward to the possibilities of the future, reassuring your self that the best is coming.

Be Thankful for the negative situations too

Even when you remember the negative things that happened, you should feel appreciate. For instance, Covid-19 has been prevalent throughout the year but you should feel appreciative of the current situation. When you recall how tough life used to be and how far you’ve come, you create an obvious contrast in your memory, which is fertile ground for gratitude.

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Share your year-end gratitude with people around you

Share your gratitude with your friends, family and co-workers. When you share your gratitude with these people, you’re enhancing your relationship with them. If you thank them for their support all through the year, they feel more positive emotions towards you. If someone has made a significant difference in your life, don’t hesitate to thank them sincerely for it.

Make a promise to yourself to practice gratitude always

Gratitude, if practiced on a regular and consistent basis, will improve your life. Starting a regular practice of gratitude might help you focus on the positive aspects of your life rather than the bad. When you’re grateful for all of your blessings, you develop a happy and positive mindset. According to research, cultivating a thankful attitude is the most direct approach to feeling happier, less nervous and stressed, and more fulfilled by your everyday activities, job, and relationships.

Keep in mind that year-end gratitude brings more love, happiness and abundance into your life as you enter the new year.

So, what are you grateful for in 2021? Share with us in the comment below!

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