Monday, July 15, 2024


Hey joyfreshers, here’s the most wanted grape in the world!

A grape that tastes like cotton candy and it’s Healthy for you and your family? Yes, we are being serious about this! Don’t miss the fabulous taste and great experience.

This is a healthy snack for all the family… don’t miss it!

We hope you enjoy these passionately grown grapes. Follow us: #JoyFreshTips

More information on this variety:

  • Mid-season white to amber
  • Unique “Toffee/Caramel” Flavor
  • Maintains flavor in storage for a long period
  • Yields very well
  • Excellent reception in the US and UK


For over 20 years, the Joy Family has been delivering fresh, delicious, super produce to grocery stores all over the globe. We are passionate and devoted to growing food that tastes so delicious that our consumers can’t help but fall in love with healthy living.

As suppliers of fresh produce, we want to accomplish much more than simply filling stores with great fruits and veggies; we want to guide our audience in using these foods to build a healthier lifestyle! We are going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that we are putting our superfoods in well-prepared hands.