10 Fitness Habits to Adopt This Year


The beginning of a New Year offers us an opportunity to plan how the rest of the year would work for us. However, many of us ignore the fitness habits that would help us stay fit and in shape throughout the year.

With the new year gradually turning into weeks, you may want to drop some old habits and adopt a positive fitness lifestyle. Whether you have gained weight in the past few months or want to maintain your fitness level. It is the perfect time for everyone to start a new fitness routine.

You can develop a fitness habit by building up a routine and sticking to it. When you make it a habit to exercise every day, it becomes a part of you. For those seeking inspiration to kick-start their fitness routines, we have curated some habits that can help you achieve your goals.

Set reasonable goals

Most people often neglect fitness due to their busy work schedules. Thus, it would be best to set reasonable fitness goals you can achieve all through the year. Know what you want, and what you want to achieve. Do you want to stay fit, lose belly fat or build muscles? Set a fitness goal each week and use a journal to monitor your progress. You can start by allocating 10 minutes a day each week, before increasing the time. When you set goals that may take the entire year to achieve, you might be setting your fitness goals to fail.

Stretch daily

A simple 10 minutes of stretching each day can have a positive effect on your body. For those complaining about no time or tight schedules to squeeze out workout time, stretching can help them. Whether you want to warm up before your workout or trying to cool down afterward, stretching is great for you. You can stretch in the office or during the break for strengthening.

Try cardio workouts

Fitness habits to adopt this year

One of the best fitness habits you should adopt is cardio workouts without leaving your home. Cardio workouts are important to your wellbeing and health, and should be incorporated into workout regimens several times every week.  You can start this workout in your room if you have no equipment or space. Some of the cardio workouts include running the stairs, jogging, kickboxing, squatting, jumping rope, burpees, and others.

Revamp your workout routine

Many people believe that establishing a workout schedule means working out at a gym facility. However, there are numerous ways you can get in shape without visiting the gym. Working out must not be the same for everyone. For those who get motivated when they use the gym, they can make use of the gym. If you do not have the time and resources to register with a gym, you can enjoy your workout at home or in the office.

You need to discover ways to be physically active by experimenting with activities that can keep you fit and in shape. You can try hiking or biking, take a dance class, practice yoga and meditation, join a local sport team or find other ways to keep you active and prevent burnout.

Go for virtual coaching

If you start struggling with the fitness habits you adopted, you may want to give virtual coaching a trial. We have numerous apps and websites that can offer you a virtual coach, who can help you with your fitness routines. Most people find it easier to get active and meet their fitness goals when they use this service to stay healthy. Some of these virtual coaches help and guide you to find better ways to workout.

Walk each time you can

Fitness habits to adopt this year

Do not forsake the old-fashioned walking routine. Walking can help you stay away from heart-related conditions. Spend your leisure time by taking a walk around your neighborhood or to nearby places. You can go for an evening stroll to burn a few calories. Walking can become your meditative practice, which is perfect for your body and mind.

Adjust your posture

Adjusting your posture may sound simple for you, but reminding yourself that you should not crane your neck or hunch your shoulders daily can be a challenge. You should learn to adjust your posture this year as a form of regular exercise. You can start with simple posture movements like standing up straight with the shoulder blades back, which can lengthen the whole body and activate the core and arms.

Change your workout routine every now and then

Learn to change your workout routine. When you do the same fitness routine every time, it can get boring and you may get discouraged. Fitness should be fun and exciting for you, and doing the same exercise routine can work on certain muscles while leaving the rest of the body unattained. Thus, you should keep your fitness schedule interesting and get in better shape this year, by trying out new sports or activities.

Drink more water

Fitness habits to adopt this yearDrinking enough water every day should be your topmost goal if you want to adopt an ideal fitness habit. If you don’t drink enough water, it might be difficult to adopt it as a habit even when you get older. You can start your drinking water routine the first time you wake, continue before a meal, and take as much water as you can throughout the day.

Slow down

A simple tweak to your fitness habit is to slow your movements down. Next time you hit the gym or want to work out in your living room, try and slow down. This helps you make use of your body’s resistance. When you slow your moves, it forces you to work out correctly and helps you target the right muscles.

Finally, you should find fun if you want to successfully adopt some of these fitness habits. You may have spent time complaining about working out. If you are not in a positive state of mind, it might be more difficult for you.

The workout activities can come with the feeling of burn, you should learn to like this experience, and embrace workout routines that you can enjoy. Fun should be at the center of every workout plan you have planned for this year. Most of these fitness habits are easy to adopt and exciting to attain.

Hey Joyfreshers, what are your fitness goals in the new year? Which of these fitness habits would you like to adopt to live a healthy lifestyle this year? Tell us below! 

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