5 Inspiring Healthy-Living Chefs To Follow On Instagram

healthy-living chefs

Instagram can be a strange place; it can be somewhere that is full inspiration and opportunity, or it can be a very real road to anxiety, comparison and imposter syndrome. There’s a trick to it, you see; when you fill your Instagram home feed with content that inspires you, makes you think bigger and better, helps you learn and feel good you’re doing Instagram right!

healthy-living chefsAnd it is in that spirit that we’re sharing 5 inspiring, healthy-livings foodies and chefs that you can add to your home feed today to brighten it up and inspire you to live a little better.

Most Inspiring Healthy Living Chefs on Instagram

Simply Real Health

Sarah at Simply Real Health oozes health, happiness and self-love with her upbeat approach to healthy living. Alongside an adorable family she also has two cookbooks to her name and a massive blog presence inspiring people to approach wellness holistically.

Deliciously Ella

London’s most famous plant-based foodie is also mum to two adorable kids and a thriving business owner that people around the world have come to love and admire. You can expect daily meal inspiration on her account, using basic, plant-based ingredients. Her app includes more exclusive recipes, guided meditations and yoga classes led by some of the UK’s most influential teachers.

Green Kitchen Stories

Luise Vindahl is the face behind this very popular account and she keeps our mouths watering with recipes and images from her app and her FIVE cookbooks! She’s so good at what she does she’s even launched a new line of vegan supplements to ensure her loyal following of vegans meet all their daily nutritional needs.

The Full Helping

Gena Hanshaw from the Full Helping is keeping it real, healthy and delicious on her Instagram account and giving us the kind of content we need to get geared up for some time in the kitchen. Ready for Apple Cider Cupcakes? I am!

Minimalist Baker

If you like baking and healthy eating but you don’t like faff then you’re going to love the Minimalist baker. Dana’s recipes are a maximum of 10 ingredients and take no more than 30 minutes to whip together. What’s not to love? If you’re not sure where to start you can sign up to her newsletter and a mini PDF recipe book will land in your inbox to get you started.

Don’t do Instagram? That’s okay. A quick google and you’ll be hit with a plethora of blogs and recipes from these and other fantastic foodies that will make healthy eating and healthy living as easy as sugar-free pumpkin pie!

Hey Joyfreshers, who are your favorite inspiring healthy-living chefs on Instagram? Tell us below.

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