An Introduction to Everyday Mindful Eating


Mindful eating has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. From famous YouTubers to fitness influencers, people around the globe have already tried it and sworn by it. Which only makes us wonder, why is simply “eating when you need to and stop when you’re satisfied” such a big deal? Well, there’s more than that.

Today we’re going to see why Mindful eating is becoming so popular among ex-dieters, people recovering from an eating disorder, and, most importantly, health care professionals. But first, we need to address…

What exactly is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating is a new approach to nutrition, where eating healthy, becoming satisfied, and listening to your hunger cues is possible. The Mindful Eating technique allows you to rediscover the pleasure and importance of eating by nourishing your body.

Mindful eating promotes the necessary changes to adopt healthier eating habits by listening to the body and emotions. It consists of a series of practices to start eating consciously, identifying hunger and satiety cues, and emotional hunger and cravings. It also teaches us how to identify and modify our behavior towards food.

You can also learn more about healthy eating.

Why should you try eating mindfully?

mindful eating

If you have been dieting for too long or have developed an unhealthy relationship with food, if you want to be more in tune with your body’s needs, if you’re going to eat healthier, or you simply want a break from My Fitness Pal, then you need to try it.

Mindful eating is a holistic approach to diet, which allows you to feel less guilt or anxiety around food. If you focus less on calories, you’ll be more likely to make better and healthier choices.

When you focus on a certain number of calories, you tend to make poor choices, people who diet overlook the quality of their food for calories. Fewer calories, the better, right? WRONG! It all comes down to much more than mere numbers: vitamins, minerals, fiber, macronutrients, etc. Mindful eating does that, and it also helps you feel better throughout the day!

How should you start eating mindfully?

mindful eating

To eat mindfully, start by asking yourself the following questions every time you are about to eat:

  • Am I really hungry, or am I just bored?
  • Why do I want a snack? Is it hunger or just a craving?

If you find you are truly hungry, then…

  • What nutrients is my body craving?
  • Will this provide me with the nutrients I need?

While you are eating…

  • How does the food taste and smell? What’s the texture like?

Allow yourself to ENJOY your food, and take your time, bite by bite. Don’t rush. Remove all distractions, such as your phone, enjoy your meal. Your body takes around 20 minutes to realize it’s full; allow it to feel satiety as it comes. Enjoy it and check if you feel satisfied or not.

Once you feel satisfied, leave whatever leftovers and DON’T feel guilty. You can save it in a container and eat it later. No food should go to waste!

Hey Joyfreshers, have you tried mindful eating? If so, what changes did you notice? Tell us below.

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