3 Free Yoga Nidra Scripts To Help You Sleep


Yoga Nidra, also known as Yogic Sleep, is a powerful meditation technique that creates a space where you can linger longer in that sweet state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. It’s the feeling you get where you just start to drift off to sleep, your whole body relaxes, and your mind clears, but you’re not quite asleep yet. Even better, unlike other styles of yoga which require stretchy pants and a yoga mat, all that’s required of you during Yoga Nidra is to lie down, get cosy and listen. Easy, right?

Who is Yoga Nidra Suitable For?

Yoga Nidra is practiced most commonly amongst people who struggle with anxiety, are overwhelmed by stress or suffer with PTSD or depression. It’s also an excellent relaxation tool for those who simply struggle to drift off at night and deal with bouts of acute insomnia. And if you’re experiencing sleepless nights, then this article is for you!

3 Free Yoga Nidra Scripts To Help You Sleep

The key to a good Yoga Nidra is to make yourself as comfortable as possible! Before you start you’ll ensure that, as best you can, you’ve eliminated any potential distractions like loud noises, coldness or discomfort. That means closing the door, dimming the lights and snuggling up with pillows, blankets and maybe even your favorite pair of fluffy socks.

Once you’re as cosy as you can be, press play on one of these three free scripts to help you drift off.

1. Yoga Nidra Meditation for Peace & Calm with Elena Mironov

Yoga specialist Elena hails from Switzerland and her soothing Swiss accent is the perfect ointment for stressed out souls.

2. Nighty Night Nidra with Pip Roberts

Pip paints a beautiful scene with this free Yoga Nidra script that helps you drift right off and prepares you for a more wholesome night of slumber. Bliss!

3. Guided Meditation for Sleep and Relaxation with Sri Sri Ravi Sankar

If you’re eager to close your eyes and feel transported to a warmer and more colourful Indian climate then you’ll love this Yoga Nidra script by Sri Sri Ravi Sankar.

If your nerves are frayed, you’re struggling to sleep or you’re just looking to include a relaxing, guided meditation to your self-care routine today then hopefully you’ve found some respite in these beautiful scripts.

Sweet dreams.

Hey Joyfreshers, what are your favorite Yoga Nidra scripts that help you sleep? Kindly share with us below. 

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