Health Recipe: How To Make Homemade Grape Jam

How to make homemade grape jam

Many people avoid eating jam because it contains sugar and has less nutrient value. However, not all jams are the same. Some are made with natural sugarcane, while some are made with less sugar and are gluten-free and GMO-free.

However, it’s always best to go with a healthy choice when it comes to food. This includes making your natural jam with fresh fruit like grapes without sugar or preservatives. You’ll be surprised at how sweet a sugar-free grape jam can be.

Grape jam is one of the easiest recipes with rich color and flavor. It doesn’t include any complex preparation process — it’s straightforward. When you make your jam, you can have it canned and keep it in your refrigerator.

Ready to make your own homemade healthy jam? Try this recipe today!

Total Time: 20 min | Yield: A can of jam | Serving Size: 5

COOKING METHOD: Mixing, Boiling, Freezing
COURSE: Appetizer


Grapes – 1.7 kg / 3 lb 12 oz of red seedless grapes


  1. Put your grapes in the bowl, pull the stems off and rinse them well. After rinsing, put the grapes straight into the pot.

2. Place the pot over medium-low heat and allow to simmer. Do not add any water; the grapes will make their liquid. Stir the grapes now and then.

3. Allow the grapes to simmer the grapes until the volume has reduced to about half. Then, squash the grapes with a potato masher or use a food mill to mix the grapes until you have a creamy and thick jam. Remove the heat, seal the jam in a sterile jar, and store it in a cool place or fridge.

How to make homemade grape jamHow to make homemade grape jamHow to make homemade grape jam

This is a traditional but healthy way of preparing a sugarless sweet jam with no preservative. Unfortunately, you can’t keep this version for a more extended period.

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If you want to keep the jam for a longer period, you may need to add sugar to the recipe. For example, you can add about 100 grams of sugar to the jam after you have cooked it for two hours and it has become reduced and dense.

Hey Joyfreshers, have you ever made your own homemade grape jam? Did you add sugar or preservatives? Tell us about it in the comment below!


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