Tips for Creating a Positive Mindset in the New Year


It’s said that having a positive mind creates a positive life. Developing a positive mindset will bring positive impacts to your lifestyle. This correlates to when you feed your mind with positivity, you can create a healthy and positive life. You’ll also have greater control of your life, giving you a feeling of wellbeing.

How to Create a Positive Mindset This Year

As you begin the new year, you may want to stop some habits and set new goals to live in positivity throughout the year. Leave behind the previous year’s despair and depression to prioritize what makes you happy and live better emotionally and mentally. Let’s take a look at some great ways to create a positive mindset in the new year.

Reflect on the previous year

The entire point of having a positive mindset is that you have to let go of past failures, apprehensions, and disappointments. Focus on the New Year and stay positive. Write down the achievements and missed-out opportunities of the past. Laud yourself for the wins and the failures. Reflect on things that taught you lessons and reminisce on the year gone by, and begin a clean slate for the year.

Write down your new goals

Now, you are in the present that demands your attention. Write down the goals you set yourself for the New Year. Every year gives you a chance for a fresh start, and take advantage of this opportunity by creating a positive attitude towards everything. Control the urge to rush things, and avoid overwhelming yourself with goals.

Stay positive every day

If you want to become a more optimistic person, start your day on a positive tone. Teach yourself to switch from having a feeling of worst-case scenarios to believing things will be fine. Every morning should be a moment of creating ‘happy hours’ with activities that set the tone for your day.

Find the upside of any downside situation

When things turn downside for you, like suffering a heartbreak, disappointment, or fear, find opportunity in difficulty. Balance out difficult situations by focusing on the solution and not the problem. When you step back from your problem, it gives you a feeling of empowerment to tackle it.

Practice gratitude, kindness, and support others

Once you have set your goals for the year, cultivate some good habits in the next 12 months and beyond. Make it a duty to be kind and supportive to others in any small way. The little you do for others goes a long way to give you a feeling of fulfillment. Be grateful for your wins. Appreciate every support you get from others. Learn to express gratitude for good things.

Take risks

This New Year, learn to take small risks instead of predicting a worst-case scenario before trying. Dare yourself to believe what your mind perceives as an impossibility. Try hard before giving up. Avoid blowing situations out of proportion because you are scared and allow positivity to rule your whole outlook.

Practice positive self-talk

Be as kind to yourself as you would to your loved ones by speaking positively into your life and situations. Practice positive self-talk and underscore every win. Stop bludgeoning yourself with criticism and put-downs to achieve self-compassion. Sink modesty and remind yourself of your strength and personal resources.

Practice solitude

Pamper your soul by practicing solitude, which takes you away from the chaos and worries of life. Solitude replaces negativity with serenity. Meditate, practice yoga, pray, contemplate nature, or connect with things that give you peace of mind and inspiration.

Avoid negative people

Think about those you spend time with and the status of those relationships. You suffer mentally when you surround yourself with negative people. Cut toxic people out of your life if you want to heal and become happier. You can reconnect when you have taken care of your mental health and in a better place, where you healed and grew.

Limit your social media use

The social media feeds can corrupt your mind with terrible news or negativity, especially if you read them in the morning. It might be impossible to stay positive when the negative social media posts envelop your mental state. Limit how often you use social media apps and devote more time to things that better your habits.

Find a new hobby

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.” says Roy T. Bennett. Starting a new hobby and succeeding at it gives you something to celebrate. People feel happier when they learn a new hobby and reward themselves by practicing more. The more time you spend honing your craft or hobby, the less time you have worrying about the challenges of life. Try a hobby that can fit into your lifestyle.

Cultivate a reading habit

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Diversify your reading genre to boost your positive approach towards situations. Even if you are not the reading type, pick books on your hobby, and perfect the skill. You can start with a page a day, even if you do not want to read for knowledge or perfection. Read as an escape route to your peace of mind and relaxation.

Monitor how you spend your time

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How we spend our time frames our lifestyle. Although some things are beyond our power to control, we have the ability to effect changes to how we spend our time. Plan each day by scheduling things with time. Learn to limit activities that have little impact on your productivity, and spend more time on things that bring positive changes to your life.

Process your grief

You do not need to experience grief due to death. Maybe, you missed an important event, got laid off from a job, or distanced yourself from a relationship. Allow you to feel the emotions and accept the grief. Once you release those emotions, your heart opens a room for healing. Process your grief and let go of the emotions to help your heart maintain a positive mindset.

Give back to your community

Schedule a time and do something for others or your community. Make life better for people in need by volunteering to help them. When you help others, you feel happier and more fulfilled, knowing that you helped someone or a community that needed support.

Try to be present & mindful

For you to successfully achieve a positive mindset, try to be present. When you worry about things outside of your control or about the future, find creative ways to bring yourself to the immediate moment. Remind yourself about what you are thankful for and what you expect. Learn not to overwhelm yourself with the problem of the future or what you have no control.

Spend more time with your loved ones

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Amid your busy schedules, make out time for your loved ones. Sometimes, the magic we need to stay positive in an unpredictable world is in our loved ones’ beautiful words. The feeling of being loved and spending priceless moments with them offer us an opportunity to be more grateful.

Take better care of yourself

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Finally, you can create many ways of staying positive, but you might end up worn out or depressed if you cannot give yourself time. This year, do new things, take yourself out, travel, dare yourself with new challenges, and give yourself enough rest. Practice self care for a healthy mind, soul and body.

A Final Word

Staying positive can be one of the powerful decisions we can take this year. Remind yourself that grass can grow through concrete no matter what. When you put your mind to something, you can achieve it. Believe you can spring higher when things fall apart if you have a positive mindset this year.

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