How To Find Calm When It All Seems Too Much


Family issues, looming deadlines, health issues, dashed hope, or stress are normal parts of our everyday life. Sometimes, we get stressed when they build up and topple over our emotions. Feeling overwhelmed leaves you vulnerable. You get caught up in emotional instability that takes you away from the events around you.

Having a way out of this situation can help you regain your stability. Don’t worry if you don’t have any solution under your sleeve. In this article, we’ve listed things that might help you calm down when it all seems too much, or when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

How To Find Calm When You’re Overwhelmed

Walk. Walk. Walk

Walking to find calm

Take a walk when you feel caught up by situations you have little control over. When you walk slowly, it helps you appreciate the meditative aspect of walking. This improves your mood and acts as a stress reliever. Walking releases endorphins that act to relieve you of your emotional trauma. A 5 to 10-minute walk can create a better emotional atmosphere for you. You find time to reframe your mind during your walking therapy and come back a better person. You can take a friend along for socialization and support, if you want attention.

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Try Some Exercise

exercise to find calm

If you can take a walk, you can try some exercise. You can begin by taking a deep-breathing workout. You come out of your overwhelmed state by taking a deep breath. When you do this, it sends a signal to the body that everything is calmed.

While some people rush to the gym to undergo heart-pumping cardio workouts, it might not be an ideal solution. Start with some low-impact workout to help you relax and gently bring back the body to its full mental alertness.

When you take a step away from the triggering factor, you can try some of the low-impact, but highly-restorative workouts. This could be in the form of;

  • Soothing stretches: Take advantage of yoga soothing stretches such as the cat-cow, legs up the wall, or restorative child’s pose.
  • Gardening: Do you have an unattended garden or farm? This could be the perfect time to visit it. Whether it is watering, repotting, or pruning, you can find uplifting in such activity.
    The secret to this therapy is that the body moves slowly in an intuitive flow. You find time and space to ponder over the situation in a more objective way.

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Engage in a mentally soothing activity

If you feel trapped taking a walk or workout, you can find a different way of taking care of your mental state in order to find calm. Some low mental strategies can have a positive impact on your brain. Here is a list of some of the things you can do to mentally soothe yourself out of overwhelming situations:

  • Meditation: Meditation can be your easiest way out of this mental state. When you meditate, it replaces anger, frustration, depression, and helplessness with gratitude. You feel alive again and find reasons to step out of what must have overwhelmed you.
  • Listen to soothing music: Researchers found that listening to classical music like Mozart can reduce your stress level. You can listen to Stream Marconi Union’s Weightless. This music is argued to the “most relaxing song on Earth.”
  • Aromatherapy: You can drop lavender or rose in a diffuser to reduce your anxiety.
    Write down things: When you write things down, it has a way of soothing you. You push stuff out when you write and feel lighter. Writing down what is overwhelming can have such an effect.

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Sometimes, what you need to feel rejuvenated is to take a rest if you want to find calm or calm yourself down. When you feel overwhelmed, it disrupts your body’s normal activities. You might feel weak, unrest, angry, or numb. To reclaim your inner mind, body, and mental state, find a place and rest. If you give yourself time to relax. A short nap or deep sleep can help you to cope with your situation. However, rest does not mean you have to sleep. It can be in the form of relaxing in silence. You take away distractions such as phones, television, and people. A quiet time without activity can soothe your nerves and relax your body.

  • Loosen up your body

Often, people who are stressed or overwhelmed tend to stay stiff. They remain immovable, leaving them stressed and tired. Loosen up when you feel overwhelmed to help you ease the tension. You can achieve this in many ways. We suggest that you stand, sit, or bend your knees slightly, and allow the shoulders or elbows to relax. A calmed and relaxed body posture helps you ease anxiety.

You can wiggle the toes. This helps us come back to the present whenever our minds try to roam away from us. Wriggling the toes helps you reframe your mind. Whether you are barefoot or wearing shoes, you can try this strategy to pause those thoughts.

Hey Joyfreshers, what do you do when everything seems too much and you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed? How do you find calm or even calm down yourself? Let’s discuss them below! 

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