7 Best Morning Exercises To Start Off Your Day

morning exercises

Waking up early in the morning can be very hard for many people. Especially for night owls, getting up from the bed and feeling the energy going to start the day can be complicated. However, with the following exercises, you can rise and shine each morning, and waking up and feeling energized will be much easier as you perform these exercises.

So if you’ve always felt like a zombie during the day, pay attention to the following morning routine of exercises you can perform right next to your bed. Get your coffee ready, and let’s jump right into it!

The Best Morning Exercises To Start Your Day

Morning flow

morning exercisesStart your morning with a few gentle stretches before getting out of bed. This will help you activate your body and increase blood flow throughout the whole body, which will help you fully awaken and get ready for the new day.

Child’s pose

Start by going on your hands and knees. Center your breath, and begin to let your thoughts slow down. Turn your awareness inward. Then spread your knees wide apart while keeping your big toes touching. Rest your buttocks on your heels.

Those with very tight hips can keep their knees and thighs together. Sit up straight and lengthen your spine up through the crown of your head. On an exhalation, bow forward, draping your torso between your thighs. Your heart and chest should rest between or on top of your thighs. Allow your forehead to come to the floor. Keep your arms long and extended, palms.

March on the Spot

Marching on the spot is a good way to pump your heart, allow your blood to flow throughout your body, and kick-starting the day. Besides, this exercise will help you open up your hips. Make sure to move your arms as you move your legs and lift your knees.

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Forward fold

morning exercisesExhale and bend forward from the hip joints, not from the waist. As you descend, draw the front torso out of the groins and open the space between the pubis and top sternum. As in all the forward bends, the emphasis is on lengthening the front torso as you move fully into the position.

Bring your palms to the floor slightly beside your feet, or bring your palm to the backs of your ankles. Press the heels firmly into the floor and lift the sitting bones toward the ceiling. Turn the top thighs slightly inward with each inhalation in the pose. Lift and lengthen the front torso just slightly. With each exhalation, let your head hang from the root of the neck.

Cat and cow pose

Start on your hands and knees with your wrists directly under your shoulders and your knees directly under your hips. Point your fingertips to the top of your mat. Place your shins and knees hip-width apart. Center your head in a neutral position and soften your gaze downward.

Inhale as you drop your belly towards the mat. Lift your chin and chest, and gaze up toward the ceiling. Broaden across your shoulder blades and draw your shoulders away from your ears. Next, move into the cat pose. As you exhale, draw your belly to your spine and round your back toward the ceiling. The pose should look like a cat stretching its back.

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks improve blood circulation throughout the body and improves capillary function in arms and legs. Stand with your feet together and your arms extended along your body. Then jump with your legs and feet to the sides while raising your arms above your head.

Return to the starting position by lowering your arms and jumping to get back together. Make sure to keep your knees relaxed and to flex them a bit as you land. This will help you avoid repetitive impact injuries. Continue to perform the jumps for a specified time.

Go out for a walk

morning exercisesOne of the best ways to fully wake up and tell yourself up with energy is to go out the door for a short walk to let the air around the face and the sun shines to wake you up as you keep moving.

For this reason, a ten to fifteen-minute walk is enough to keep you moving to keep your blood flowing in the morning, and to wake you up to start the day.

Hey Joyfreshers, what are your favorite morning exercises to kick-start your day? Do you find it easy to exercise in the morning? Tell us in the comment below. 


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